PAS Softech develops quality website/mobile solutions for clients, companies, and industry leaders!

Web Design & Development

With just under 10 years of experience, have been able to develop myriads of websites for a variety of businesses/industries.

Mobile App Development

We specialize in the production and development of mobile applications, upload it and track their impact of users.

Affordable Rates

PAS Softech was made by average people for average people! We pride ourselves on reasonable rates for the high level of work we do.

CMS design & Development

We’ve launched WP sites ranging from small blogs all the way up to large companies. Is one of our most requested project types.

Consultation Services

We offer consultation services to clients who would like to begin their own businesses, from start to end process and much more.

Maintenance & Support

We provide maintenance and support solutions so that you can contact us at any time in order to fix any issues/bugs that may arise.


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers

  • We are more of a Quality-Driven company then a Quantity one.
  • We may charge more, but you will never regret working with us.
  • We have more of International Clients, we are a Globally Far-Spread Company.
  • Come to us with an Idea, and we turn it into a highly-efficient product and services.
  • First Talk between you and us is free of cost.

Our Clients

We are happy to say that we have worked with the most important customers in India thanks to the confidence placed in us


What customers says