About us

Who are we?

Founded in April of 2013 by the Agarwal brothers, PassofTech is a start-up tech company dedicated to manifesting the dreams of clients into dynamic web and mobile design/developments. With a small team of expert web, mobile, and software developers, PassofTech has been able to successfully the launch the careers and businesses of dozens of clients, one line of code at a time!

What do we do?

PassofTech specializes in a variety of unique services, each revolving around the world of web, mobile, and software development.

This includes but is not limited to:


What makes us different?

At PassofTech we pride ourselves on the passion and enthusiasm that we exhume in regards to the projects we work on, whether big or small.

When it comes to other tech companies, you get what you pay for. Nothing more and nothing less. We consider our projects as a collaboration of our development skills and your ideas. We create the dream you have in your head while also offering our input, ideas, and possible solutions to any roadblocks that stand in the way.

The world of coding revolves around problem solving, we take that same approach into our work. We help to turn your vision into a reality, while discussing ideas that only increase efficiency and usability. Regardless of the obstacles we run into, PassofTech has continued to find a way to make things happen.


Quality work done at quality prices!




Completes projects


Websites developed


Client retention

Why choose us

Expert level web-design and creation

Whether it be custom site development or WordPress oriented themes, we’re capable of doing it all. Our team specializes in all sorts of web solutions!


Questions, concerns, or ideas? No problem. PassofTech can handle it all, allow us to give you the ins-and-outs of building your online brand!

Dedicated support and customer communication

We aren’t robots, we’re real people. Communication is the foundation of trust, we strive to remain in direct contact at all times througout the day to hear your voices

Reasonable and affordable rates

Made by average people for average people! We pride ourselves on competitive rates that the competition just can’t match. Reasonable pricing in return for quality work!

Our mission

In the early 2007’s, the Agarwal brothers faced a serious cross roads in terms of what their careers would be. Dreams of maybe going into medical school, perhaps even legal work. Fortunately, these dreams never manifested, as the Agarwal brothers realized that their dreams involved turning the dreams of others into a reality.

After years of freelancing independently, the Agarwal brothers decided to build the PassofTech empire with the help of a small group of talented coders. PassofTech’s passion for their craft is apparent with their belief that what they do brings together both art and architecture. The art is found within the development of ideas and creative energy, while the architecture lies within building the foundation of code which structures websites and software.

At PassofTech, our mission is to help you fulfill yours. In collaboration with our clients, we try to build and understanding of your vision while implementing state of the art technology to back that vision up.

We promise to:

  • Work with you tirelessly to achieve the desired product
  • Provide ample communication
  • Design and develop your site/app to appropriate standards
  • Honesty in our assestment of rates
  • Post-project follow ups to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Custom services that might prove beneficial to your brand

Our provided services

Custon website/Wordpress development 60%
Mobile App/Software Development 25%
Consultation services 15%

Our team

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